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ARB NSW #10042

Registered Architect in NSW Australia #10042 and Master of Architecture graduate from University of Technology, Sydney. Previous to this completed Bachelor of Arts Architecture from University of Technology, Sydney. Previous to this qualified & experienced Architectural Draftsperson after completing Associate Diploma in Applied Science-Architectural Drafting (ADAD) from the Canberra Institute of Technology.

Over 20 years in the Architectural Design, Documentation, Representation & Administration industry and worked for and in association with many of Australia’s leading Architects, Engineers, Landscape Architects, Designers and Builders, on all types of projects from simple, small-scale residential to large-scale complex commercial, as well as mosque/masjid design, Islamic school design and all buildings except for buildings such as hotels, brothels or cafes where argelah is smoked in almost all of Sydney metropolitan & regional councils as well as with private certifiers.

Maintaining a staunch sole practitioner role taking-on and controlling all aspects of every project independently and sometimes collaborating with other architects & utilizing contract staff for over flow documentation but being a strict sole practitioner architect-giving time to think freely, sketch, research and design that those in large offices rarely afford time to do, as well as overseeing every stage of the project for quality control.

Muslim architect, interested solely in carrying the torch of Islamic design onwards into the 21st Century. A simplist; interested in clean lines, non-contrived minimalism, modernism and buildings that respond to place. Interested in plain-ness, white walls, sunlight, courtyards and ideas of privacy, serenity, stillness, emptiness and calm.

Ascribing to practise contemporary Islamic architecture, with a deep love & connection of the first house & mosque of the Prophet (Muhammad) in Madina, Saudia Arabia, which is to this day, perfect architecture. Fulfilling all roles for humanity –spiritually, socially, economically, financially & militarily-yet humble, simple; austere, utilitarian & sustainable.

Design approach focuses heavily in the early stages on the client’s brief.  An absolute essential to analyse, criticise constructively, discuss and debate the brief because it is to achieve an architecture of ‘needs’ rather than an architecture of ‘wants’ being the objective, thereby reducing the building, the spaces, the architecture to the bare essentials, yet lovingly crafting and placing the spaces around courtyards, light-wells, voids to achieve joy and light-filled rooms that connect with clarity.

How are humans to dwell on this planet? What do we really need in life versus what do we want? How do we place our buildings amongst nature? Is it possible to make a timeless architecture? Can building functions change over time within the same spaces? Who makes the rules? Why and why not ? are the key questions.

Each new building must be a revolution- in function, space, materials, structure, technology and the building must change the occupant’s life; uplift their spirit and bring serenity, light, joy and simplicity into their life.  Interested in emptiness, silence;  empty versus full;  solid versus thin; dark versus light; high versus low.

Our architecture should be (i) austere. (ii). utilitarian and (iii) sustainable.

Non-contrived simplistic minimalism.

The best sustainability is to reduce. The best architecture is less architecture.

Architect Ibrahim Conlon,

المهندس المعماري إبراهيم كونلون،

Sydney Australia